Traxxas Pro Tune Up

$60 - FunCenter PowerSports Pro Tune-Up Includes The Following Services

ESC  & Calibration Programming 

The FunCenter PowerSports Pro Tune-Up services includes complete programming of your ESC based upon your intended usage. We also re-calibrate your ESC to your Controller to assure you get maximum performance between the two. When we adjust your controller, we set the setting, end-points, center steering and adjust any other key settings between the RC car and controller. (Note: We have most major program cards for most ESC, but it is always a good idea to bring them along if you have them)

Shock Rebuild with Fluids

As part of our Pro Tune package, we completely remove your shocks and disassemble them. We then clean shocks and remove old shock oil. Then we condition all gaskets and seals with top quality lube and fill shock back up with the appropriate viscosity of shock oil (Team Associated Shock Oil).

Steering Camber & Toe Alignment

One of the most important things you can do to increase performance in your RC is adjusting Camber & Toe of your wheels. Our Tune-up service sets the camber and toe of your wheels to the exact degree, based upon the type of driving and conditions you will be putting your RC through.

Body & Chassis Cleaning

We will clean body and chassis of dirt and debris. We will also apply luster coating to Lexan body to bring back shine.

Tightening & LocTite of Fastners

We check all screws, nuts and bolts for damage and then tighten and LocTite those fasteners that tend to back-out under use.

Bearing Cleaning & Lubrication

We will check motor, wheel and transmission bearings and bushings for wear. We clean and lubricate bearings with high quality oils and silicone protector (COWrc).

Pinion & Spur Gear Adjustment

We will check pinion & spur gear teeth for wear then adjust pinion gear to spur gear tension and alignment.

Tire Cleaning & Refreshing

We will clean tires and wheels completely and then we condition tires with Simple-Green. Simple Green will help increase traction by softening the rubber, works on all rubber compound types.

Slipper Clutch Adjustment

We de-glaze slipper clutch pads and adjust slipper clutch tension based upon your intended usage.

Additional Services That Can Be Added To Pro RC Tune-up

Differential Lube/Fluids Change: $20

We will remove and inspect differentials for wear, then we add the appropriate viscosity oil to differential based upon expected type of usage. We use "Team Associated Diff Oil". Will also lube differential ring & pinion gears. 4WD RC's are an additional $5.

Lexan Body Repair: $10

We use high quality fiber-tape and waterproof glue to repair cracks in body. This repair will extend the life of the body for many more runs. We also reinforce areas of rubbing to prevent damage to paint and body.

Brushed Motor Cleaning & Lube: $10

We will remove and inspect brushed motor bearings for wear, then we use a cleaning solution to flush-out carbon build-up inside motor.

Soldering New Connectors: $5 each

We can solder on new battery connectors to meet your power supply needs.  Whether you want to change over to a more reliable connector like a Deans or Traxxas connector or just match your batteries to one type of connector, we can do that for you.

Change Servo Tape:  $8

We can replace old ESC, Servo and Receiver tape with high-quality "MIP Servo Tape", to assure your electronics will not break loose under the hardest of impacts.

Replace Parts or Add Hop-ups: (depending on the quote)

We can replace damaged or wore parts. We will provide you a quote based upon using original manufacturer parts or upgraded aftermarket parts of your choice. You can also supply us with the parts and pay only for labor.

Lube Axle Gears & Pinions: $10

We will open your pumpkin on your axles and apply heavy-duty waterproof grease to your inner gears and pinions.

Servo Steering Adjustments: $15

Has your controller run out of room to center your steering. Let us adjust you servo and steering linkage for you. (please bring controller with you)

Add Weights to RC: $5

We have professional automotive wheel balancing weights that we can add to your RC to make it perform better when jumping and cornering. It can also help with tire traction. Cost is $5 for every three ounces.